About us

  • + - Who we are

    Family Inclusion Network (FIN) is a network of parents and Brisbane non-government organisations who believe the voices of families matter.

    We facilitate opportunities for parents and kin to be advocates for children and themselves on issues the affect their lives.

    Family Inclusion Network brings together government agencies and representatives, parents and extended family members to work collaboratively on policies and issues that affect families.

    The Family Inclusion Network is an activity of Micah Projects.

    FIN is funded by the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. The Queensland government is committed to hearing insights from parents about policies which impact children and parents.

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  • + - What we do

    The Family Inclusion Network (FIN) creates opportunities for parents and kin to be advocates for children and themselves on issues that affect their lives.

    We do this by focusing on short term, medium term and longer-term outcomes.

    Short term – Parents build relationships

    Parents are engaged as partners (not as clients or beneficiaries), and relationships are built.

    We enable parents to meet and build relationships by:

    • providing information in response to enquiries
    • meeting and consulting with parents, and hosting purposeful groups (such as ‘open invitation’ morning teas)
    • enabling the sharing of parent experiences, needs and suggestions.

    Medium term - Parent Leadership

    Parents are encouraged to learn civic and advocacy skills so they become leaders in their communities. FIN delivers this by providing parent leadership training, including the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI).

    Opportunities are created for parents to lead. They are encouraged and supported to:

    • share compelling experiences and needs with law and policy makers, and the public
    • serve on committees and boards
    • speak in forums
    • provide feedback to consultations and draft policies.

    Longer-term – Parent’s influence policy

    We aim for parents to have agency which is permanently embedded in the child protection system.

    This is achieved by:

    • services creating collaborative service networks and partnerships
    • local committees of/for parents are formed
    • organisations and teams increase their awareness of the value of parental engagement
    • local services and practices encourage the participation of parents.

    Success would be demonstrated by:

    • the formation of a permanent Ministerial-level parent engagement mechanism that is parent-led and co-designed by parents
    • changes to laws and departmental policies and practices as a result of parents’ influence
    • the creation of a paid Parent Advocate role embedded in child protection practice – as part of a multidisciplinary team (of Social Worker, Lawyer, and Parent Advocate) similar to the highly effective model described by David Tobis.
  • + - Who we work with

    The Family Inclusion Network resources parents and extended family members to participate and have a voice in the policies and services impacting on the lives of their children, family and children.

    We also work alongside government and non-government agencies who wish to include the voices of families in shaping their policies and services to improve the way services are delivered to families in South East Queensland.

  • + - Governance

    The Family Inclusion Network is guided by members of the Brisbane Parent Ally Committee (the PAC). The committee includes valued parent representatives and professional industry allies.