Family Inclusion Network

Supporting parents
and family to be
advocates for
themselves and
their children.

Who we are

Family Inclusion Network is a network of parents and Brisbane non-government organisations who believe the voices of families matter.

We facilitate opportunities for parents and kin to be advocates for children and themselves on issues that affect their lives.

Family Inclusion Network brings together government agencies and representatives, parents and extended family members to work collaboratively on policies and issues that affect families.

The Family Inclusion Network is an activity of Micah Projects.

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Get involved

We would encourage you to become involved with Family Inclusion Network if you:

  • are a parent or family member and would like to have a say about how services or policies could better support families
  • are interested in becoming an advocate for children, families and yourself
  • would like to influence policy for eg child protection, education, housing, domestic and family violence, culture or any other issues affecting family life.

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How you can help

Together we can make a difference. You can contribute to Family Inclusion Network by donating.

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Get in touch

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